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A Healthy Balance

A Healthy Balance - Body Mind and Spirit.

I like the concept that living with MS is not a battle, it is simply trying to get the body back in balance. I’ll take it one step further and say its getting the body, mind and spirit back in balance. Bringing all three into alignment seems like the firmest, most reliable way. But what exactly does that mean?

For me it's doing what intuition has been prompting me all along but I wasn't trusting. For instance, with certain foods I have always had a gut feeling about them being not good for me. Like pastry. Meat pies, fruit pies, sausage rolls - I’d always have to ‘decide’ whether to put them in the grocery cart or not. But my taste buds and logic usually won out. Or exercising my body - I’d be bored to death for not challenging myself more but my mind would back it up saying I’m never been much of a gym person, no need to push myself or start now. So here we are years later doing the same stretches and haven’t really progressed. Or Spirit. I put all my eggs into the Christian basket thinking ‘I’ll be taken care of’ or ‘I believe in miracles.’ Well that may be well and true, and He will do the heavy lifting but I have a role. Faith without works is dead.

But when my body mind and spirit are all in alignment I can tell by the joy in my spirit, the skip in my step, the peace in my soul. I can tell by my organs working smoothly and the deep, restorative sleeps I’m getting. By the attitude in my love for my brothers and sisters. In short, I can tell by the fruit of my life. Day by day.

Of course I make mistakes and some days aren’t as good but when I learn from my them it leads back to a healthy balance. And when that happens, it’s no wonder I’m strengthen, empowered and inspired to carry on.

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