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Called by name

Updated: May 9

November 2019

I recently interviewed a senior with dementia who used to be a truck driver. He was telling me about his favorite truck stops. One in Anaheim and one in Texas. When asked why they were his favorites he said because they remembered your name and knew where you were from.

And it got me thinking about God. Not only does he know your name, he knows your real name. And he calls you by it. And you recognize it.

I received a Lauren Diagle CD in the mail last week, and one of the lyrics says ‘I’ll send an army to find you.’ That statement works hand in glove with knowing my true name. Sometimes we’re so lost we don’t even know it, yet God sends an army to look for you to bring you back to him and back to your true self. Before all the prejudices, the hurts, the bitterness.

I go to a meditation group and one of the exercises is where we go around the room, look our neighbor in the eye and say “I see you”. The response is “I am here.” It’s a powerful exercise meant to slice through the exteriors to see the person’s true self, true spirit.

When that man with dementia was telling me about his favorite things and why, I saw him and he was there. The glint in his eye, the skip in his voice. “The waitresses were really kind.”

It’s like seeing through God’s eyes. Hearing through His ears, and feeling with his heart. Which is how we’re meant to live: see one another, celebrate one another, and edify one another.

When God sends an army out to find you that’s what he’s looking for. Not the key ring of accomplishments but more so what was behind them. And if it’s not satisfying to you or Him, he happens to be in the business of changing hearts. He can mold you back into your true self. A joyful, meaningful life where you won’t thirst again, beginning with the new heart.

When I concluded the interview with the elderly truck driver, and asked him how his cup of coffee was. He answered in his soft-spoken voice “This one is good, but…” then with a mischievous grin he added, “…sometimes it tastes like the road I drive on.”

Do you know your real name?

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