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The Full Light

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

This was a card I did in 2000 after an gardening experiment I did one summer. And it still brings encouragement to flailing spirits some days when I’m ready to give up.

The Full Light

One year I planted a row of sunflowers in front of the house. I had visions of jungle-like stalks with bursting yellow heads climbing in my windows. Little to my surprise did I find a big old growth fir tree blocking the direct sunlight to all but one of the plants.

As I pitter pattered up and down the front stairs all that summer I watched what was transpiring. By the end of August I was astounded,

It reminded me of my own spiritual growth. When I chose the path of some light, which pushed by not to hard, I was sure to grow. But when I chose the path of full light however difficult and unbearable it seemed at the time, I was sure to push through and reach greater heights than I ever dreamed of.

The jungle-like stalks never did crowd my windows that year, but I did get a renewed awareness of my commitment to live in the full light of God’s love.

Funny how we intuitively on a path but don’t really know it because it comes in such small bits over our lifetime.

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