Welcome to Living with MS and Faith

You may have MS but it doesn't have to have you

 Whether you’re new, nearly new or a seasoned MSer there is much light to be found.

I hope I can inspire you to strengthen your faith. It will pay huge dividends.

During the first seven years of having MS (from a graphic designer to a disability pension) I made mighty beginnings down various alternative health roads. I found patches of light that kept me going, but they didn’t last. It was like a big game of hide and seek, moving in and out of the light trying to outdo the dark. Until 2015 when I moved into the light permanently. 

I’ve always been a believer but never really knew what that meant or how it could help me. Having MS deepened my faith to a joyous point I thought would never last. But here I am six years later and still going strong. I’m convinced if we heal our insides, it gives our outsides the best chance to follow suit. I'm not saying you'll be rid of MS but I am saying it it can become the less-factor in your life.

When Covid hit, big as it was, it didn’t overwhelm me, nor dampen me. It was like the world finally slowed down to my pace to see for themselves the joy I found. 


Regardless of MS or Covid many of my dreams trickled back, some realized, some transformed, and others, I’m still working on. The disease or the virus doesn’t define me, nor does it for you.

I hope you find something here to inspire you to follow your dreams. Because we are all beautifully wonderfully made.

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