Whether you’re new, nearly new or a seasoned MSer I hope you find some light here.

During the first seven years of having MS (from a full time graphic designer to disability pension recipient) I made a mighty beginning down various alternative health roads. I found patches of bright light that kept me going, but I also experienced deep patches of despair that, towards the end, were increasing and lasting longer. It was like a big game of hide and seek, moving in and out of the light trying to outdo the dark. My spirit was breaking getting tired of chasing the light. Until I moved into it permanently in 2015.

I’ve always been a believer but never really knew what that meant or how it could help me. On this blog I’d like to share some of the light I thought I would never last. I’d like to share my walk with God with you.

I’m convinced if we heal our insides, it gives our outsides the best chance to follow suit. 2019 was a big year for me. I had already graduated to a walker the year before, which was quickly followed by my driver’s licence being revoked then moving into assisted living. But as big as that all was, it really only better prepared me for Covid. I’m happy as a clam to be here.

Today, I have a good life today regardless of the disease. Many of my broken dreams trickled back. I finally wrote that book I always intended to and am working on a second one. I put 1040 km on my scooter this summer. Many dreams got transformed. Some, I’m still working on. The disease doesn’t define me, nor does it have to for you.

The posts generally aren’t long winded and won’t necessarily revolve around the MS condition, there’s tons out there about that. You’re welcome to leave a comment, but have to sign up in order to do that (Wix rules not mine) or send a comment through the comments form. I’ll try for a weekly post but sometimes I come up dry so would rather forfeit it rather than fudge it.

Ok that’s it. Thanks for being a part of the walk. I hope you find something to feed your spiritual life in the turbulent rapids of MS and Covid.

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About Me

Mona never seriously considered writing until her health forced her into another world. She continues to chip away at it while managing Multiple Sclerosis.

In her previous life, Mona was at the helm of Mo's Art Design & Services for 15+ years. A gig where she worked with art and graphic design doing cards, prints, christmas windows, vinyl signs, web site design, two art shows (with Paperviews Art Group), and children’s art classes. She was a regular at the local markets and festivals selling her wares.

In addition, she worked part time in social services managing an office, running programs and carrying out initiatives for a community services organization and a neighbourhood house. She initiated and executed The Social Gourmet, a cooking program for special needs adults that still runs today. Before that she worked in the printing and publishing industry.

Mona always had a love for creative writing and had dabbled in it for more than twenty-five years. She attended dozens of classes, courses, workshops, and conferences with periodic published pieces over the years. She has been of member of various writing groups, completed two mentorship programs with published author Gail Anderson-Dargatz before writing her first novel, Hope from Stone, A Walk with MS in 2018.


More recently, she writes a blog about about her faith in dealing with the many challenges of MS and life itself. She illustrates them with her own art & photographs. 

Mona was formally trained at Vancouver Vocational Institute, Capilino College, and Emily Carr

College of Art & Design establishing a career of creative ambitions and aesthetic design.


She resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.



Victoria, BC Canada


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A blog about living with MS losses and God. Inspired hope for any chronic illness.


 Mona Houle

You may have MS but it doesn’t have to have you.