Mona self published a novel in 2018

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Hope from Stone is a powerful narrative, a character driven story with a lively plot.  It has robust detail, believable exaggeration, humor, and strong dialogue.

It takes the protagonist through a process of developing a relationship with God, from trusting her intuition more than popular opinion.

​Hope from Stone identifies with modern pop culture by exploring spirituality, dysfunction, stress, and personal choice.

It is a Christian story that starts from the protagonist's secretive, flimsy, naïve perspective about her faith that evolves into a rock solid foundation of hope.

Hope from Stone provides MSers with much needed optimism and inspiration regardless of the condition of their health. Its an informative read for caregivers as well.

A novel about girl in her 20’s living with MS.

A faith story of how she becomes healed from the inside out.

Vigorous, independent, stubborn, and sometimes difficult to get along with 28-year-old Rosalind has multiple sclerosis.

Through endless appointments, she desperately searchers for a cure while making sense of her new condition.

Out of options, she moves home. As Roz becomes more despondent and isolated, her faithful dog, Deputy, is her main companion.

After her mother is unexpectedly faced with a serious illness of her own, Roz builds an inner life with her own growing awareness of God, and her world begins to change.

She moves from a cynical fault-finding victim to a calm, secure, empowered woman of age.

This fictionalized memoir is an engaging story

of courage and hope.


Audio Book

Free to complex care MSers

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“There is a brightness and intelligence to Mona Houle’s story; it’s far from dreary. The feisty quality of the protagonist’s personality keeps you along for the whole ride. Clearly based on personal experience, this is a very worthwhile book for anyone who wants to understand MS.”

— Alan Twigg, Publisher B.C. BookWorld

Rabbis tell stories to teach truths as did Jesus. Mona is a rabbi in her own right as she tells a compelling story about MS. For me it was an enlightening book about MS and gave me an insight into the incredible inner fortitude of those who have to grapple with this problem. This tale will be of inestimable use to anyone who struggles with MS. It is all here from the onset to final acceptance. A beautiful, credible and inspiring work for everyone who has ever struggled and suffered in life - which is to say everyone.

- Charlie Allen

I just finished your book and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. What a lovely story of turning one’s life around. Very powerful message. I hope you’ll write another book with the same character living through life’s challenges. Your humour was really fun. I’m ready for another Roz novel! Thanks for a good read.

- Bev Crawford


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