This website has about one tenth of the content it once did. Blogs, short stories and other content has been removed. On Jan 28, 2021 my computer was seriously compromised. Odd things started appearing on my Facebook page as well as this website. Therefore, I removed most of it and cancelled my Facebook page. The contact form below is attached to my new email address if you'd like to contact me. I’m not sure just yet if I will rebuild. I do know however, that I’m turned off the whole digital world and am content to power off for now. Be calm. Stay safe.

A novel about girl in her 20’s living with MS.

Hope from Stone is a powerful narrative, a character driven story with a lively plot.  It has robust detail, believable exaggeration, humor, and strong dialogue.

It takes the protagonist through a process of developing a relationship with God, from trusting her intuition more than popular opinion.

​Hope from Stone identifies with modern pop culture by exploring spirituality, dysfunction, stress, and personal choice.

It is a Christian story that starts from the protagonist's secretive, flimsy, naïve perspective about her faith that evolves into a rock solid foundation of hope.

Hope from Stone provides MSers with much needed optimism and inspiration regardless of the condition of their health. Its an informative read for caregivers as well.


• Ivy Bookshop, Oak Bay Victoria, BC 250 598-2713

• Vancouver Public Library

• Victoria Public Library

​• Vancouver Island Public Library System

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Victoria, BC Canada

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