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Be Still

I can’t believe it’s been less than a week since I wrote this letter to a faith magazine. Already it feels dated. But I have more along these lines so wanted to post this to give a reference.

March 13, 2020.

Convivium Letter Submission

Re: Coronavirus

In response to Peter Stockland’s article, yes I believe Canadians can get too distracted by the wrong things. Like even thinking we’re better than our neighbours to the south.

The coronavirus is already in pandemic proportions and we don’t need more pandemonium. With satellite TV, social media and today’s technology, we are able to climb in the living rooms of communities across the globe. Not to mention the stampede of food and supplies flying off the store shelves.

I believe this is a time to be still as a people. Let our leaders lead whether we agree or not. It’s out of our control now and only serves to further distract us. Know in our heart who we are and what we stand for but this is no time for disunity among ourselves.

I believe our best defence is to enter the silence and pray. For strength. For wisdom. For peace. For our leaders. Their character, that they be unruffled, integral and wise. And us, the body.

We can be the calm, rested, and a firm source of inspiration God wants to use. We can be a light in these dark times. We can be quiet leaders in our circle of influence simply by what we do and how we act. We can refrain from disharmony. We can refrain from hoarding. We can refrain from over reacting.

Peter Stockland was right when he said there is plenty to focus on right here at home. In the silence of out own hearts, we can get our own house in order, both spiritually and physically. We can leave the office before midnight. We can consider our neighbor more than ourselves. We can need a little less. We can be calm and pliable.

God needs sharp tools. Able to withstand the gale forces threatening us. And we can’t be sharp gobbling down endless TimBits or lamenting the sad state of affairs in the pub every night. We can put ourselves into training to strengthen our character. Starve our anxieties. Feed our faith. Prioritize our time, our activities, our attitudes.

While we can’t engineer peace we can cultivate an environment to promote it. In order to abolish evil in our world we need to address the evil in our own hearts. Maybe then, and only then will we have a real chance.

Yes, the horse is out of the barn people. Now is the time. Running ourselves ragged chasing after it or stock piling it won’t fix it. Now is the time to come back to God.

Let’s get focused on Him, give Him our fears and watch His victory reign on high.

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