• Mona

Duck Duck

I needed a pick-me-up.

It was a Monday and I went to the park to hang out with the ducks. I’d been down with the flu for a week already with no end in sight, and knew I needed to get back to the moment. I knew there was a creek near by so decided see if there was any dabbling ducks to entertain me.

Arriving to a pretty park setting with a bench and a bridge, the only thing I had to offer were dog treats in the scooter basket. I thought I’d try my luck. I shook the container and got their attention. Eight pairs of eyes took immediate notice and awaited further developments. I tossed out a couple soft chewy morsels. That’s when I noticed Him.

He was a beautiful male, green Mallard with a barrel chest just like the rest. Until he walked. He limped in the worst way with the most distorted dip with every step. He wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, just an especially deep groove with each waddled step. Not unlike myself. It was like looking in a mirror.

I watched him with great eagerness. He didn’t look sad or out of place. He got along well with others, always first to the biscuits I targeted him, and joined in the scramble with the others when he could. I liked his attitude.

I fed them soft crumbly dog treats, paying extra attention to the lame guy. They were gobbling them up with great gusto. I doubt they worried about feeling worthy or bothered themselves about earning it. Or concerned they’d run out. They were just simply delighting in receiving it as much as I was in delivering it. Completely in the moment. Even the lame guy’s needs were accounted.

It was like God was showing me His presence. Not that He ever wavered anyway. I was watching His Kingdom in live theatre play before my very eyes. Personalized to me. God knew my particular challenges and needs, and had my back, hands down. With joy.

The meditation I read that morning was about God’s provision. Seeking first the Kingdom of God and everything else would be added. And that if he clothes the lillies of the fields and feeds the birds of the air, how much more he will do for us. Jean expounded on it in Manna (page 58) about how difficult it is for us humans to accept, and give up control for more money, food, clothes, etc. Not only do we wrestle with him providing our creature comforts, but he also provides for our deeper longings - being valued, honoured, respected, loved – but we want to be master of our own ships there too.

But thru the ducks, I saw he was delighted in providing for me. How easy it is for him, and how easy it could be to receive. And it brought a deeper appreciation to the verse ‘Take my yoke, it is easy and my burden is light.’

I came home still giggling about Mr. Limpy. He not only brightened my whole attitude but assured my security and future.

Isn’t that just like God?

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