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One People

I so wish we would invest in people rather than things. I know myself I can get headstrong on buying, acquiring, and possessing that I miss the real moment.

Like my neighbour next door. She was here six months and one of the first things she said to me was she was dying. I never made more of an effort to befriend her even though we both had art backgrounds because I ‘was busy enough’. Even when a third acquaintance bridged the gap and opened the door I still missed it. Only in the last days when I left a flower at her door did I wake up because of the impact that small gesture made on her.

While being active, focused and determined are good, there is a balance too. To not miss Jesus in everyday occurrences. I suppose that’s the difference between God’s will and our will. God’s Will brings peace, joy and harmony on the inside. Whereas Our Will leaves us feeling empty, seared, not good enough, worried, and insecure. When I was running around doing my thing, I always had this niggling that I ‘should’ be doing this or that and my errands often felt empty, but I always brushed it off with reasoning and the New Age mentality of not ‘shoulding’ on myself. With the neighbour I blew it off with ‘I gave her my number - she could call.’

    Perhaps that is a really good indication of how easy it is to miss the second coming. So consumed with plans, goals, ideas of my own agenda, I’m too busy for the important ones. Him. His people.

Like the parable about the wedding feast the king was throwing for his son. Everyone was too busy with their own agendas they killed the messenger to kill their own consciences. The father then invites the lame, the poor and the disabled to fill seats. Saying yes goes a long way and saves much heartache. Being open, willing, honest to get unstuck from my own agenda requires courage. Willing to be led, let go of fear and let a gentle quiet spirit in requires trust. Trust in God.

Like Anna and Simeon, they recognized Christ out of all the babies because they were alert, attuned to His Presence. When I’m busy with ‘I don’t want to,’ ‘I haven’t got time,’ or surround myself with shopping, errands, and activity that’s false pride. A poor country not accepting help from a rich country just because they are rich is denying humanity too. That is false humility.

I was fortunate enough to happen to be in the hospital visiting someone else when I heard my neighbour was there on a different floor. I went to see her and it was only days before she passed. Although extremely weak being in and out of lucidity, all I was able to do is hold her hand for half an hour. I think it brought us both comfort. Me for being available and her for having a presence. I’m not sure she knew who I was but she didn’t let go and squeezed when she came around.

We are all one people, and recognizing that one simple fact can move mountains.


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