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Opening Up

As our world begins to open up after Covid 19, my friend Roseline said, ‘we’re at a fork in the road…we are all learning so much about how to make the world a better place for all…if we have the will. I hope and pray we choose the light.’

There’s been so many positive changes that has allowed our earth to begin to heal, the trend can only continue if we keep it up. And I’m scared we won’t because that will involve some inconveniences and even, heaven forbid, sacrifices, that our instant and convenient culture is not accustomed to. I’m afraid profits will again tilt the scales, whether individual or corporate, and engines will fire up again as if Covid was just an expensive inconvenience.

My friend Vivian had an interesting take. She observed that since the act of saying grace and giving thanks for our food has fallen by the wayside, she wonders if our people’s food issues aren’t related? Anorexia, bulimia, sensitivities, intolerances… Perhaps if we cleaned up our earth to grow wholesome food and give thanks for it we would see a decline in food issues? Interesting.

I know in my own life I’m more keenly aware of some of my own ingratitudes and taking things for granted. Take laundry. Instead of weekly, I’ve been doing it every two weeks. It just happened. I was noticing how often things weren’t really dirty, mostly crumpled because I never hung them up when I took them off and they'd pile up. Or I’d get a splatter on something and rather than spot clean it toss it in the basket. When I changed habits, there was just underwear in the basket by laundry day. Hmmm. So after some quick calculations I figured by doing 2 to 4 loads less a month – that’s 36 less loads in year. Times a million people if they were to get on board. That’s a lot of water. And soap. Why didn't I see that before?

Plastic is another commodity I’m heightened too. Since lockdown, meals have been wonderfully arriving at my door twice a day. There’s always the option of fresh fruit salad, which is delivered in a plastic cup. At first it was kind of cute as I washed out and stacked my used cups. But as the pile grew bigger, it bothered me. It was like a store bought package with the wrapper taken off. And times fifty suites times twice a day adds up to a lot of plastic. That will take decades to disintegrate, if at all. Yes it is convenient having my fruit cut up with only one operational hand, but the price is too high I concluded. I would eat whole fresh fruit instead. Not exactly easy to wash and quarter with one paw, but for the greater good I’m willing to figure it out. And the unexpected bonus is I feel better about myself doing something.

By opening our heart to the light, we can be motivated to keep changing our behaviour to create new routines. And those seemingly insignificant habits will transform our world. Whatever it is in your household, whether small decisions or big ones, staycations or vacations, refraining from a certain habit or not, they will all add up and influence the supply/demand formula.

Yes, it will take work - inconveniences, sacrifices and hardships. But I like what proverbs says, ‘He who conquers himself is greater than he who conquers a city.’ Prov 16:32 Plus we’ll get a little help, no a lot of help, from above when we do.

So like Roseline, I’m really hoping and praying we choose the light because together we can.

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