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The Belle of the Ball

In typical God fashion he turned one key of trust into the doorway of a brand new existence filled with a light burden, joy, laughter, and hope - a whole new set of keys.

A year ago I had to give up driving. Over the next nine months I surrendered more accompanying lifestyle keys until I was down to one sole notched piece of metal - the trailer key.

What I didn’t know was that I was learning a new level of trust in God. When I was able to fully let go, and trust conditions were going to get good, that conditions were good, amazing things happened. When I believed He had my back, my best interests, and my highest good in mind, and that He knew what he was doing, I could surrender completely, give up my ideas.

Then I found myself with a brand new scooter and a shiny new key to add to my ring. I moved to an apartment with an automatic front door that opens both with a key and a fob you wave in front of a sensor (and stays open long enough for me to get my walker through). They issued me a mail box key, a garbage room key, and a suite key. Plus I still have my old house key. Viola. I’m back with a ring of responsibility.

So when I can trust God knows what he’s doing even though I can’t see around the corners He does, I am astonished when I do step out in faith. Not that I always do.

Trust is a hard thing, especially if it’s been terrifically violated. And even more so when we’re asked to plant a stake in the intangible, something we may not be familiar or intimate with. Like God.

But it needs to start somewhere if we want to push past our current stop gaps. The more baby steps we take towards building a relationship with our creator, the sooner we will be taking giant big foot steps into a whole new way of existence and be happier than we though capable of. Like moving into assisted living joyfully.

And being the belle of the ball.

They say owners are like their dogs. And I can attest to that even though my dog has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Brinkley was the cutest beagle. A petite female, tricoloured with beautiful long floppy ears that swung in unison when she walked. She was extremely popular with everyone and her playmates would do backflips at the mention of her name. The dog park rallied around her with exuberant excitement. She was a real belle of the ball one could say.

I feel kind of the same way. I’m 20 or 30 years younger than most residents here, so already I look pretty good among them without even trying. Throw a little patient effort, active listening and gentle humour on top and I feel like a celebrity walking to my table through the dining room.

When we can let go and trust in God’s precepts implicitly, he brings us to vistas and plateaus we could never have imagined. So don’t cut yourself short by thinking you know best. Don’t leave before the miracle happens.

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