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Jigsaw Puzzles

June 8, 2019

I found myself recently convalescing and putting together jigsaw puzzles to keep the mind active yet rest the body.

After turning all the pieces face up then connecting all the edge pieces I would get a general feel for the puzzle itself - the basic color categories, shapes and notch sizes. Thus the sorting would begin and continue until the end.

I would group like-coloured pieces and when I came to working in that area had a large assortment to choose from in one place. The method worked well and reminded me of the game of life. More often that not, until a group was ‘ready’ for a piece, there was nowhere for it to fit into. And left in the ‘not yet’ pile. Sequence was everything.

I knew with certain that pieces went in certain places, but until the adjoining pieces were in place, it stayed adrift, unattached. There’s no way I could even force a fit into a slot that was not there. I would get these two-seys and three-sey mini sections going, but often didn’t know how they played into the bigger picture until the magic missing link snapped in. Like life.

We can start building in other areas but until other parts are in place sections they remain in the not-yet pile, unattached to the vine. Some decisions just can’t go before others.

You know a decision or a choice is in the cards but until the adjoining pieces are in place, it is useless to make it happen. There is a sequence to God’s plan that we can’t see. And there’s no way you can move ahead of the game or go beyond God’s move. You can go by-guess and by-golly but the assurance isn’t there. There’s no slot for the piece to click into.

Or maybe its my method – finding one piece at a time sorting as I go. Once I get one connector piece, then like a chain reaction the rest fall into sequence. I get a half dozen perfect fits in a row.

And isn’t that just like life too. Sometimes, when we’re patient enough but keep searching, knocking, & seeking we hit on a good fit and a series of other good fits follow.

I like when that happens. When trust and assurance become one. We call that confidence.

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