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Super Dog

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Years ago I was at the PNE at the super dog show. It took place in a huge arena, maybe the Agrodome or Coliseum. I was seated in the nose-bleed section and the show was ½” high, I could barely make out the props.

The stadium was half filled maybe 10 or 15 thousand people, maybe even 30 thousand, so it felt. It was huge and the height of summer blazed on with the 2 pm matinee getting under way.

I noticed how squarely focused the border collie was to his master’s direction. How the audience’s thunderous applause or stray lewd remark couldn’t touch him. He was riveted to his owner and nothing else was of concern except the next command. And as a result, the master directed him to do the most ingenious tricks, flips and routines. No wonder they call it the Super Dog Show.

That dog show sealed a picture in my mind. It was a simile for following God’s prompts in my own life. If only I would do what He is asking of me, he could do amazing things with my life. If only…

I discovered if keep my focus on the master, it’s remarkable how my attitude stays in check, how things unfold to work out better than I ever could have planned. By keeping my eyes on the solution, not the problem, I give God the opportunity to work it out His way.

Twenty plus years later I still use that dog image. Some people call it letting go and letting God.

Since I’m not very good at letting go, and don’t always follow directions, I do better take baby steps to trust my master’s directives which grows me a little more into who I was created to be.

So when I say I’m Super Dogging it, you’ll know what I mean. And it’s astounding how the show comes off.

PS My dear late beagle here is not to be confused with stellar obedience. But I didn't love her any less. Another good metaphor.

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