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Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Letting the light in

You may have MS but it doesn't have you unless you let it

Whether you’re new, nearly new or seasoned with MS (or any chronic condition!) I hope you find some light here.

For the first seven years of having MS (from a fully-abled graphic designer to disability pension) I made a mighty beginning down various alternative inroads with MS. I found patches of bright light (hope) that kept me going, but I also experienced deep patches of despair that, towards the end, were increasing and lasting longer. It was like a big game of hide and seek, moving in and out of the light trying to outdo the dark. Until I moved into the light permanently four years ago.

On this blog I’d like to shed some of the light I thought I would never last. I’m convinced if we heal our insides, it ripples out to our outsides. At least it has for me. I have a good life today regardless of MS. Many of my broken dreams trickled back. Many got transformed.

I’ve been told I articulate things well, so I’ll give it a go and see what happens. Not that I’m an expert (not!) at anything but because one baby step at a time, I believe our intentions do come to pass. And my intention for you, dear reader, is to find some peace and comfort in turbulent rapids of a broken spirit.

So thank you for being a part of it and pull up a chair.

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