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What Climate Change Can't Touch

The beauty within. Amidst heartache and pain there is still a depth of beauty that aches to be seen. The wiles of evil can exploit fear, discouragement, and worry to erode the very foundations we’ve worked so hard to build up. In this Post Covid-19 world any progress made in reducing poverty, housing displaced people, or eliminating war have sorely regressed with staggering numbers never seen in recorded history. So if I’m not vigilant, I too can get bowled over and throw my arms up in complete it’s-too-big or it-won’t-matter-anyhow defeat.

Whereas when I’m working on a solution, any solution however minute, to help hold the tide back it triggers something in Us and Them. And that is where the beauty lies. Whether I should get an air conditioner or take a certain course aren’t exactly big-picture items, but keeping the value of every creature and human is a big ticket item. It focuses on the dignity of all life. And when I can keep my eyes there, it helps orientate the little decisions.

Giving respect to someone I’d rather not, playing nice or forgiving a transgression are sometimes not easy. But sometimes when I just can’t muster the strength in the most difficult of circumstances but persevere (with help from above), I far surpass any meaning or fulfillment an air conditioner could ever bring.

I’m taking a drawing composition class right now and we are learning how to pull and direct the eye to a specific point of interest in a picture plane. The instructor has given us tools and techniques to achieve that end and it’s amazing how effectively they work. Any observer is drawn to exactly the same point.

Getting past my own biases to see the potential in people, drawing it out for others to see is something I can do. And is a win-win for both. I don’t need to go across the world to serve in a third world or war torn country, it’s here in our own backyards. There are hurting individuals under my nose I can touch, however insignificant I think it is. A friend, a neighbour, street person, or newly diagnosed MS person.

Yes, I can pray for those I can’t personally touch or for those who cross the world to make positive impacts, but right here in front of me I can step up. Recalibrating the world is going to take all hands on deck rolling up sleeves, including mine.

Lately in my complex, instead of cribbing at the high staff/resident turnover and getting miffed the minute a ball gets dropped. I’ve been learning strange names of immigrant employees and taking an interest in their lives. I’m finding ways to open a dialogue to see them as individuals not just for what they do. Seeing the beauty within.

Now that’s an Us and Them I can live with. And something climate change can’t touch.

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