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Assisted Living

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Having MS progress to the point of touring Assisted Living places got me thinking about God. And haven’t we all been living in Assisted Living all along? That’s how I’ve come to know that’s how God operates – behind the scenes assisting us whether we know it or not.

Usually He moves in discreet mysterious unassuming ways. But sometimes He chooses the two by four method such as having your meals prepared, your bed linens changed or some personal home care done. His burden in light and His yolk easy. Sheesh. Regardless the method, He’s behind it all and has his hands all over it whether I know it or not. He’s got my back.

When He moves discreetly behind the scenes his timing, his choices, his ways are impeccable. When there are just so many factors that are humanly impossible to take in to consideration, I often end up taking in what I can, weave in a few more for good measure, then leave the rest to fate, turning my attention to other things. Or at least that what I strive to do. Easier said than done.

Take yesterday. So being wait-listed for an assisted living suite while at the same time contemplating several other hot irons I was feeling overwhelmed and grumpy. I was going down. But the bumper sticker 'stay calm and carry on,' came to mind. Do not panic. Do not pass go, and especially do not collect two hundred dollars if you’re on disability pension. I reached out to a friend and her words “honored to help” shifted the stage. I started exhaling.

Some people really enrich your soul by just being themselves and all they stand for. They are emotionally safe. Truth prevails and resonates. Heart speaks to heart. Soul echoes soul. You can really be who you are. Acceptance on a deep level. He sends the right angels at the right time. Especially if we ask.

She came over early Saturday morning. We had tea for starters, swapped a few stories, then layed out a simple plan for the next two hours, ending with a trip to the store to get boxes and me out. (Still adjusting to no driving).

I closed the door two hours later being able to breathe again in a completely different frame of mind. Hope returned. The master was at it again.

Like a conductor. The conductor of an orchestra who has the ‘musical score’ in front of him so he knows the whole picture. (That is where our expression ‘knowing the score’ comes from in fact.) God knows the score and acts accordingly in our best interest.

And isn’t that already residing in Assisted Living?

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