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Hurt People Hurt People

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I never really comprehended that statement. Probably because I was so busy planning my rebuttal I didn’t realize I was hurting myself. But when I stepped back far enough, God shone a ray of light on the biggest part of the problem: myself. Legitimate needs, self interest, selfish pursuits, trampled on others ruffling feathers and getting backs up.

I wanted things my way which pride was always quick to defend. But wait, what was that quiet tapping on the pipe in my heart? in code no less? Could it be God telling me to turn the other cheek? Yet continuous lament would drown out any quiet voice of until the sheer volume and repetition became pointing cannons to those I felt did injustices towards me. Barbed humor, distinct anger or unaltered rage frothed forward that spelled destruction in my own life, more so than any of my target’s.

But when I heard the phrase hurt people hurt people, there was a buttonhole of compassion, of forgiveness, at first for myself, then others. When I started addressing the brokenness in my own life and asking God to take it, the lamenting died down. Things shifted dramatically. Humor became genuine, not at the expense of something or someone. The coals I heaped on others were dissolving. I started healing.

Ignorance is kind and allows a stretch of grace, but when it becomes deliberate action, grace runs out and shame races in. Which present a new crossroad with higher stakes.

Without the certainty of the Creator of heaven and earth watching out for us, we have no choice but to rely our ourselves alone. No wonder we’re fierce to protect our interests at any cost. A culprit of unbelief. Henri Nouwen calls it The Fatherless Generations.

But when there is a certainty and security in a loving Father, we can stop taking the law into our own hands and stop hurting, ourselves and others. When we trust He will take care of us and our interests we can sleep at night. We can love our enemy without strings knowing He’s got the situation in hand.

Once the penny dropped that I was just as broken and started practicing the antidote of all round forgiveness, I started healing and feeling the peace that surpasses all understanding..

Now if everyone just payed it forward, we just might find heaven on earth.

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