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Let peace be your quest and aim

Such a simple statement but packed for all seasons.

If you’re anything like me, a whole set of small indecisions can run amuck and wind up paralyzing me further or morphing into one big indecision I can’t make. Then I become more miserable because ‘nothing is moving.’ When in truth there was plenty of opportunity and direction, I just kept putting off the small decisions thinking them unimportant.

Like the cat. I got a young cat last summer from the SPCA. Out of the gate she was an issue in the neighbourhood for roaming, but I was clear with myself I didn’t want a litter box because of my poor function and stood my ground keeping my own garden litter attractive. She trained easily. But I didn’t expect her to be such an aggressive hunter dragging tortured critters in the house time and again. Nor was I prepared for the constant behaviour if I kept her in full time and resorted to the litter box.

So while I enjoy having a pet, I was constantly perplexed with the situation and it became a big decision I kept putting off until one day I looked up at a framed print that says ‘Let peace be your quest and aim.” It occurred to me in that moment keeping her was not peace producing no matter how I sliced it. For her or me. If peace is truly my quest and aim, then it was pretty clear what needed to happen. That was the beginning of realizing that making decisions instead of procrastinating could mobilize my world.

The big picture can clearly overwhelm me if I think too long about it. I move out of the day into the past and future. But when I stay in the day AND do that one day’s legwork, which is opposite of doing nothing, things shift. God does take care of the overwhelmers, or at the very least chips them down into manageable daily bites I can do by directing the small steps.

So then when days like today do fall into place I can rest easy indeed knowing His yolk is easy and his burden is light.

Now I wonder where else there are other minor deferrals I can turn into clear confident and integral choices to move me to the next square on this board game of life.

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