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Making things happen versus letting things happen

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Making things happen versus letting things happen is the difference between you doing it or letting God do it for you. God is gentle. Recognize His gentleness. His love.

I once bought a pair of cheap dollar store ice cube trays because I liked the deep oval shape of the ice cubes. But they were tough getting out. I must’ve fought for three long hot Okanagan summers twisting that cheap plastic tray to no avail. Until one day I got the inspiration to set them on the counter and put the stove timer on for 15 minutes. Viola! They slipped out like butter. God is that soft.

When our spirit convicts us of something we’re doing wrong, it convinces us of something right. But we alone have to put action into that choice. Be attentive to God’s gentleness. God is love. Tender. Merciful. Forgiving. He comes to where you are and doesn’t ask more than you can deliver. But He asks. And He does special deliveries. When we least expect it.

We’re given a good conscience. Don’t let it get calloused over. He can’t play beautiful music with a plugged flute.

And I know for a fact He like you in his orchestra.

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